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Camada  Q  (Nº 21) 2024

Ralph x Emily mating 2.jpg

" Ralph x Emily "


 A Spottified Vivid Expression


BDCW´18, JLW´19, DCW´19, PW´20, DCW´22, CH JR ES PT, CH PT GIB

Emily S Nevskih Ostrovov

Fecha nacimiento: 4/07/2024

 10 hembras y 3 machos


Pedigree de la camada

Price-spot’s Kal El

Spotdog's Freaky Friday

Sweetspots Top Gun

Spotdog`s Compass Card

Price-Spots Hope and Glory

City Kid's Dantes Peak

Price-Spot's Dreamcatcher

A Spottified Vivid Expression

Christi ORMOND Magic Moon

Absolem Vom Gramzower Kloster

Christi ORMOND Immortal Soul

A Spottified Secret Crush

Caldecacre Rumours 'N Gossip

Caldecacre Chimango

Be a Star de los Perros Santos

Timanka´s Real Power

Emily S Nevskih Ostrovov

Olimpia S Nevskih Ostrovov

Jilloc´s I´ve Got The Power

​Jilloc's A Man In The Mirror

Timanka's Collectors Item

Timanka´s Miracle Of Love

​Timanka's Daylight Robbery

Timanka's Close Enough

Gracilis My Best Friend

Dalmo's Head Hunter II

​Gracilis Higher Power

​Avantura S Nevskih Ostrovov

​Dalming's Hocus-Pocus

​Muzika S Nevskih Ostrovov

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